My Obligatory Website

By: Greg Thompson


As you can see from the heading, I'm obliged to have a website. Why? Because I'm a web developer and what developer doesn't have a website? You my also wonder why it's so plain and boring. Well there's a few good reasons for that.

First and foremost, I don't believe in over designing for the sake of designing. My site exists to inform others about me and what I do. I feel it does the job perfectly without all the fluff. Secondly, if I'm wasting all of my time on this I wouldn't be able to do all the other cool things I do. Lastly, I feel that my work for clients and employers speaks more to my abilities and skills than anything I can jam into an informational website.

If you were REALLY, REALLY expecting more, sorry to disappoint. You can always check out some of my work below.

Note* If you're looking for my old site and the Instagram tutorials, please click here(Some images and links may be broken)


About Me

I am a web developer from Bucks County, PA(North of Philadelphia). I've been doing it for 6 years now and have been evolving from the jump. It would be hard to classify myself with one role(even though I just did to start this paragraph) because I tend to learn new things quickly and I have a passion for the next big thing. Besides web development I also tinker with stuff like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other things microcontroller, multidisciplinary related. I also really appreciate the hard workers of the industry, the ones who know you don't need to write books or go to festivals and conferences to be a good fucking developer.

Some of my relevant skills are:

  • JavaScript/jQuery(front end Dev.)
  • PHP/MySql
  • CodeIgniter(and other frameworks)
  • CMS(ExpressionEngine, WordPress)
  • Node.js
  • Git(version control)
  • APIs(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other one you can think of)

Work History

Since I started learning this jazz I've been freelancing(2007). In 2011, after I graduated college, I was officially employed in the magical Healthcare industry at Dudnyk. After a brief stint as a developer there I moved on to Neiman where I've done a large chunk of my awesome work.

Outside of Work

I live in Lower Bucks County and I love working on my house, building shit out of wood and being outside. I have a German Shepherd named Hank and when I get some free time I ride my Harley. I also coach little league baseball and occasionally brew beer.


Below is a list of some cool work I've done(not gonna list the shitty, boring stuff). Some of it I worked on as a team member and others I'm responsible for the full build. Many other projects were white label and can't be listed here.

  • The Zombie Run - Freelance; ExpressionEngine, custom event registration/checkout module
  • GoRoostr - Freelance; CodeIgniter, custom re-commerce platform with proprietary serial number lookup, FedEx integration, sales management platform
  • Autism Cares/Race for Resources - Freelance; ExpressionEngine, StayClassy API integration
  • Tweet to Shoot - Neiman, Neiman Labs; Arduino, Twitter API
  • ROI/CandyMagic - Neiman, Neiman Labs; Arduino, Node.js, Facebook API(see video in link)
  • Temple Made - Neiman; CodeIgniter, Instagram API
  • Visit Philly Neighborhoods - Neiman; CodeIgniter, Instagram API, FourSquare API, ExpressionEngine, custom management panel for Instagram images and locations
  • Pugstagram - Freelance(Now Defunct); Instagram API, CodeIgniter, gallery of pugs from instagram tagged #pugstagram
  • PoopBot - Freelance(Shutdown) - Node.js, Twitter API/Phirehose, twitter bot that replies to any mention of poop
  • Join The Shift - Neiman; CodeIgniter, Facebook API, scoring/contest platform for tracking activites and shares


Phone. 215.920.2258